Freedom and entertainment
True wireless smart Bluetooth headset, you can use it when you open the box
the box will automatically shut down and charge, and entertainment life is freedom.
TWS and Single
operating freely
You can listen to songs or talk with any earphone, single ear, double ear, free to share unlimited
Noise reduction
accurate sound
Noise reduction and accurate sound
35 oblique angle in-ear comfortable and stable wearing
Pure sound quality
Deeply custom dynamic ring sound unit, the earplugs are lighter and more comfortable
the sound is more full and pure, and has a stronger immersive space.
Dual Micphone
Noise reduction
Both headphones are designed with a microphone hole for double
noise reduction and fit ear design Sound insulation is good,
all kinds of noisy environment calls are still clear
Bluetooth 5.0
entertainment and work
Strong compatibility, no choice model, both android and IOS can be
used Listening to music, watching movies, conference calls... Are applicable
Fearless sweat wash
God-level equipment
during exercise
Light and close to the ear, plus sweat-proof splash design
Exercise while listening to music, listen to news, answer the phone, easily get it
22 hours
of safe security
Strong polymer lithium battery, used with charging bin
The battery life is long, and the charging compartment
can provide 4 times of power for two earphones
Top equipment for
playing games
Low latency, synchronous response of sound and picture
Stereo surround sound, the sound is more vivid
Light and
Light and small, can put into the pocket, road, bus, subway, drive
Conference calls... Take it to anywhere
so simple
Binaural button operation,
touch breathing light response, simple and cool
Two classical color
  • Product parameters
    Work voltage :3.7V
    loudspeaker: 1*Φ6mm 32 ohm ,5mW
    Loudspeaker frequence response : 20Hz-20KHz
    Bluetooth protocol :HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
    Bluetooth format: sbc,aac
    weight :4.8g (signle earbud )
    battery capaticy: 450mAh
    charging : DC5V-1A USB adaptor
    weight :47.2g(exclude earbuds)
  • Packing list