Wild and loud Rock singing
Newly upgraded, specially tailored for outdoor performance,
high pitch bright and pure.The bass is full and powerful
Precise voice expression, true performance strength, singing,
Wandering mountains and seas, singing while playing.
Music instrument play and sing
Shock performance
With great fanfare
Multiple enjoyment of hearing, compatible with a variety of instruments,
microphone use, more diverse playing and singing
Chorus and ensemble selection,
more possibilities for outdoor singing and performing arts,
let you can do it anytime, anywhere.
Stage level vocals Wandering in the mountains and the sea Sing heartily
International stage singing grade microphone, deep heart directional pickup. And the application of suspension damping isolation system,
The changing environment can accurately pick up the sound, enjoy the swing without noise interference,
and consistently deliver the warm and transparent human voice.
Wireless wizardⅡ
Plug and play
is more exciting
Mobile access wireless wizardⅡ, Bidirectional transmission signal,
No Bluetooth connection required,
You can quickly play music, wireless recording, wireless live broadcast.
* This is an optional accessory and must be purchased separately.
Live streaming and recording
Creative sharing
wireless fast pass
With wireless Wizard II, quickly achieve wireless live broadcasting and recording,
Wonderful playing, singing and performing arts, feel free to share.
Insert TF card and U disk, can also perform local recording,
Pure singing sound, no need to eliminate ambient sound later.
Wired OTG
Live charging both
Comes with OTG cable, plug and play,
no other SettingsYou can stream while charging your phone.
Two spatial sound effects Cope with the changing environment
Two kinds of spatial sound effects, music and karaoke, bring rich dynamic sound effects, and easily cope with the needs of different occasions.
Multiple connection modes
Show business is free
and unimpeded
Covers Bluetooth 5.0, USB flash drive, Micro SD card,
AUX-in, Wireless wizardⅡ、
Wired OTG, 6 ways to use audio connections. For performing arts,
everything is wonderful.
Outstanding connection performance, how to sing, listen to you.
Strong power
It also charges
the phone in reverse
Built-in 4 sets of power lithium batteries, has been ready for the outdoor road show,
just indulge in singing. Also support the reverse for charging the mobile phone.
Multi-function mixer
Freely define
your timbre
High, low, reverberation, gain, accompaniment and
other multi-channel independent adjustment,
There are guitar, electric blowpipe, microphone
three impedance adjustment.
Instruments and voices are freely defined, playing
and singing are easier,
and performances are more varied.
Acoustic technical parameter
Loudspeaker: 158mmMedium woofer +52mm tweeter
Frequency response: 45Hz-20KHz
SNR: 75dB
Bluetooth version: 5.0
Type of battery: 66.6Wh
Charging port: USB-Type-C fast charge 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V
Reverse charging: 5V/2A charge
Charging protection: Overvoltage/overtemperature multiple protection
Use time: Outdoor mode approx. 10 hours, Karaoke mode approx.
12 hours (medium volume)
Product size: 308*177.5*407mm
Product weight: around 5Kg
Microphone technical parameters
Microphone cartridge: Moving coil Mi core
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Frequency response: 50Hz-15kHz
SNR: ≥85dB
Charger port: USB Type-C
Charge mode: DC5V-1A
Charging time: Around 3 hours
Use time: 12 hours
Microphone size: 41.5*235*41.5mm
Microphone weight: 418g