S5 Alarm Clock bluetooth speakers
Unlock life work new posture
Multi-function Alarm Clock bluetooth speakers,appear wonderful sound
Crafted coating intimate temperature
Excellent Quality and performance Bring out the best in life
Alarm clock
This is both bluetooth speakers and Alarm clock
at the same time this is also beautiful Mirror
Which is built-in high level LED
Dual alarm clock design
Wake up easily
Which is very cute You can not only listen to musci and check the time
but also Dual alarm setting Personalize setiing your sleep time
Melodious rendering
Built-in 50mm full frequency speaker Precise sound adjustment
perfect Acoustic structure Intelligent electronic structure
temperature display
real time monitoring
high precision
Bluetooth 5.0
Just enjoy so fast
Buily-in bluetooth 5.0 chipset Higher transmission speed and Higher quality transmission
high level compatibility.and Instant auto back link
FM Radio
Just enjoy
Powerful digital radio function Built-in highly sensitive receiving antenna
Apply intelligent noise reduction technology Internet Radio has
the features of large amount of broadcast
great variety, clearer broadcast and so on
Micro SD Card play
Support 32GB TF Card play,can reserve around 10000 songs,Can be play at any time
battery power
Built-in large capacity lithium battery
Power saving technology
High endurance
Finely crafted
127*65.7*127mm Retro clock shape,345g weight
Combined with modern simple aesthetic design
matte-finish tactile buttons: quality craftsmanship.
Pink Twilight
Sky Blue
Profound black
Music unbounded
Time is not old